Wondering if getting yourself into another interior design course would be worth it? It will be if you’re opting for DrawPad Interior Design Certification. Here’s why!

1. Get Industry-Ready with The DrawPad

DrawPad Interior Design courses are specially crafted to get you industry-ready. Most certification courses are highly focused on academics. The approach is mainly theoretical, and they seldom incorporate the latest industry trends. 

Quite alternately, the curriculum for the interior design courses at The DrawPad is planned to keep the practical requirements in mind. Therefore, we get you ready for actual work. 

2. Learn From Delhi’s Top Interior Designers – ANSA Interiors

You’ll never know what it takes to be an interior designer unless you learn from actual interior designers, who actively work on & deliver projects in the field. 

Introducing ANSA Interiors- top luxury interior designers in Delhi NCR. ANSA has a huge portfolio of luxury residential and commercial projects. It’s this expertise gained through about 2 decades of consistent work in the field that you stand to benefit from when you opt for our certification courses. 

3. Classroom-like Learning Experience

Online courses are good. You get to learn while sitting in the comfort of your home & Covid-19 has made it a compulsion, rather than a choice. But what online courses often lack is real classroom-like experience. 

By just watching recorded lectures, you risk getting bored and there’s no way for quick doubt clearance. At DrawPad, we have changed that model. We bring you a classroom-like learning experience with the benefits of it being online.

4. Focus On Practical Learning

Our modules are planned in a way to enable you to gain experience similar to what an interior designer does in real life. You’ll be given assignments & will be working on an actual project that you can also use to begin building your interior design portfolio. 

As a new interior designer in the field, your biggest challenge will be the lack of a portfolio and experience. We try to bridge that gap as much as possible through our unique online learning experience. 

5. Affordable Courses

Our interior design certification course is really affordable. You can enroll for as little as Rs. 770 per week. The amount you spend on this course is a great investment into your future as an interior designer. 

On the completion of the course, you’ll be awarded a certification that will not only prove your knowledge in the field but will also build your credibility for you learned from the industry leaders in the field – ANSA Interiors. 

Stop overthinking it. Invest in your future with the DrawPad now. Contact us to enrol today!

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