Interior designing is one of the most up-and-coming professions. If you are still struggling to understand how to be an interior designer or want to understand how to get interior design leads, you are at the right place. Professional courses for interior designing are a great place for you to begin with but there is more to the field than just that.

Interior designers work with various specializations. If something like how to interior design a room or how to interior design a house attracts you creatively, this is a great career for you. With basic technical and artistic knowledge, you can create wonders. It still surprises me how much power an interior designer holds. Every place has been worked upon by an interior designer and that can be a good attraction towards this field. 

Who can be an Interior Designer?

how to be ainterior desiner

Anyone who has a creative and critical knack for things can be an interior designer. Interior designers are often confused with interior decorators but these are two different creative fields. A decorator is not concerned with the plumbing of a place, electricity connections, placements of various equipment, working with the architects, etc. While as an interior designer, all of this and more, is your work. 

  • You can join this field of designing as soon as you are done with your higher secondary education and as late as after your retirement.
  • There is no right or wrong age to be an interior designer.
  • If creating something out of nothing excites you, you will do great as an interior designer.
  • This field of job can be taken up full-time or part-time as per your choice.

How To Be An Interior Designer – Courses, Skills, & Work Experiences

There are a few factors that can help you become one of the best interior designers in your city or country. Along with being creative, certain other things help you get more clients and produce better results. 

1. Professional courses

top interior design courses in India

Professional courses train you to get advanced knowledge. These courses are available for beginners as well as professionals. They focus on gaining scientific and creative knowledge. With multiple institutions all over the country offering them, it can be a tough choice. These are the three different types of interior designing courses in the country, that you can choose from :

Interior design degree

An interior designing degree can range from three years to five years. This course can be taken up directly after your Class 12 results and are often more lengthy than the other courses available. This is a professional B.Des degree where you can go for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. 

Interior design diploma

This course is less time-consuming. It ranges from a couple of months to a year. During a Diploma course, you can get specialized training. The focus is on both theory and practical-based knowledge. The learning is module-based and hence you can learn a lot about interior designing from this professional course.

Interior design certification

An interior design certification course is one of the most opted for. By undertaking a certification course you can specialize in a certain type of interior designing. For example, certain courses specifically teach office interior designing while others teach how to interior design for houseshouse. This type, of course, can last for a couple of days or months and gives you an option to take up multiple certification courses at the same time. There are a variety of interior design certification courses available online and offline and you can make use of their service as per your wish and requirement. 

Skills required

Interior designing requires a lot of skills to create the best designs. One of the basic skills that you require is creative and critical thinking. You should be able to think on your feet and adjust according to the needs of the clients. Always Prioritise your client.

  • You need to keep a check of the latest trends
  • Basic theoretical and practical knowledge is required.
  • You’ll have to learn to manage your time well.
  • It requires you to know mathematical and critical designing aspects.
  • Smart work is the key to getting your work done. 
  • Know about various tools, equipment and materials used in interior designing.
  • Good communication skills always come in handy.  
  • Be adaptive. When designing a space, you’ll have to include both your clients’ expectations while also using your creativity. 

Work experience 

For starters, to be an interior designer or design consultant, you can begin with talking up internships with established interior designing firms. You can also take up freelancing as an Interior Designer and take up part-time projects to gain experience. One of the best parts about being an Interior Designer is that you don’t need to work with somebody. You can be your own master. you are recognized for your work. Enhance your skills, gain more experience and you’re good to go.

Various companies hire candidates to work with them. By being an Interior Designer you can also earn a good amount of money. The most important thing in How to be an interior designer is to be good at your work. Make use of all the available resources and work to the best of your abilities.

Are you ready to be an interior designer?

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