Interior design courses in India have gained more traction with passing time. We have created an ultimate guide so that you can choose the best interior design courses online. A certification course is different from an interior designing degree, when you are choosing a course for yourself, keep all the pros and cons in mind. Furthermore, in the article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the best interior design courses in India.

What is Interior Design?

top interior design courses in India

Interior designing is a field of art and science that helps you design the interiors of a building as per your liking. An interior designer works with complete precision, managing and coordinating with the demands of their clients along with putting their creative mind to use.

An interior designer is also required to research and remain up to date with the latest developments. The interior design industry is just getting bigger and better every day and so it is important that you take professional training and enhance your skill.

Interior design courses have proven to be very fundamental in learning the art of interior designing. With the introduction of multiple interior design courses in India, an industry aspirant might get confused between various available choices. There are majorly three types of interior design courses available in India and we’ll just clear all your doubts about them.

Types of Interior Design Courses in India

The three major types of interior design courses in India are discussed below :

Interior Design Degree

This is one of the most professional and time-consuming of all the available courses. You can apply for this course directly after your class 12th examinations. However, different colleges have different criteria when it comes to the selection of their candidates. You should check the websites of various institutes offering interior design degrees to get specialized information about them. 


  • This course is a generalized interior design course.
  • It can be as long as a three-year to a five year B.Des degree. 
  • You can opt for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree.
  • You can study various topics related to design.


  • Most of the institutes require you to sit for an entrance test. 
  • Long-term course.
  • No personalized teaching.
  • It is not very easy to get in. 

Interior Design Diploma

The interior design diploma courses are not as long as an interior design degree. It is one of the most popular short-term design courses in India. You can go for a master’s diploma or an advanced diploma based on your prior knowledge and course requirements. 


  • Project-based learning
  • You can choose a specialization
  • Can range from a few months to an year


  • Not very in-depth knowledge
  • No specialization available

Interior Design Certification

You can get an interior design certification in a specialized field of interior designing based on your interest. There are various types of interior design certification courses available in India. You can choose the one specialization in interior designing, learn all about it and get your course completion certificate. 


  • A variety of part-time job options open up for you.
  • Choose a specialization of Certificate course you are interested in. 
  • This course is more economical than the others. 
  • You can offer your services for online consultation. 
  • Adds up value to your existing skilset. 
  • Most certification institutes and courses also offer placement and internship opportunities with this course. 
  • The mentors offer personalized teaching modules for better understanding. 
  • The focus is on theory as well as practical knowledge. 

Why a Certification course?

If the above-mentioned benefits don’t sound good to you, we have additional information that will show why you should opt for a certification course.

  • A certification course can be taken up by anyone. There are no eligibility rules for this type of interior designing course, only your passion for interior designing is required. 
  • There are various short-term certification courses available, so you can get a certificate without having to wait for years.  
  • This course is ideal for all non-working and working professionals. You can also take up a certification course while doing a full-time job. 
  • A student interested in interior designing can also take this up. No specific field of expertise is required for this. 
  • It is a great course not just for interior designing professionals but also for the ones who want to take it up as a hobby.   

Eligibility criteria

Each course and institute have their specific eligibility criteria. Before you apply for any interior design course online, keep in mind your expectations and requirements from the course. 

  • Most interior designing degrees require a basic qualification of class 12th. They might also ask you to answer several entrance exams and ask for a portfolio. 
  • Diploma courses are easier to get into. Even if you have no prior information about designing, you can take up this course. 
  • Certification courses require no special qualifications. You can take up multiple interior design certification courses at the same time. 


With multiple interior designers, you need to be unique and the best at what you do. For your clients to be happy with your work, you must hear their recommendations and work accordingly. Alongside that, there are many more skills that, if developed, will help you get better work outputs. 

Creative ThinkingLeadership qualitiesTime management
Ability to do teamworkGood in researchCritical thinking
Good communication skillsAdaptabilityKnowledge about design
Team managementGood with arts and graphicsFast thinking

These are the best interior design courses in India. Check out various institutes offering these courses for your better understanding. We are hopeful this article will be of some use to you and has made your search for the right interior design course in India easier. Feel free to check out our website for more information on the same. 

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