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This knowledgeable module takes you to the old world of interiors, its charm, indulgence in ornamental fabrics, and textures. You will be taught to acknowledge the significance of considering affluent and artistic plea into your design as necessary elements, irrespective of the financial aspect.

  • Different fabrics and their properties
  • Use as curtains and window treatments
  • Use in paneling
  • Use in upholstery
  • Rugs, Carpets and Runners
  • Bedcovers, bedsheets and Cushions

Find the continuous prospects for using fabrics in a different manner, pattern and you should build talent in you to make out splendor interior spaces.

Gain self-determination to make use of all design elements and remodeling spaces with the use of various textures of fabric and other decorative adornments.

Learn about the special characteristics of each fabric and how it will be used appropriately for distinctive clients.


About the Interior Design Course

Our interior Designing course offers you all the required coaching and skills you wish you to acquire to create alluring and magnificent places.

The interior designing course offered by us is delivered online and contains 12 modules and 12 online interactive assignment sessions through which you will be able to actually grasp the concepts & clear your doubts in real-time.

It’s quite unlike the usual courses where you see recorded lectures & have little room for clearing doubts & asking questions.

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