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The crest of a good design is working with practical and decorative things, furniture pieces, and various art effects. As studied in Module 2 and the renaissance era of interior design you will be taught about the various furniture styles and how these have been modified in context to modern times.

  • Types of furniture
  • Furniture styles
  • Furniture materials
  • Work of famous artists (paintings)
  • Accessories and their materials
  • Make add ons’ or changes if required in your assignment started in module 3

Use your intelligence about the design components to the facts and place ornamental objects into thoroughly projected and well thought out spaces.

Experience the feeling of attainment when the area so designed, the room, its walls become lively.

Experiment with the artistic capacity hidden inside you into integrated and regulated interiors.


About the Interior Design Course

Our interior Designing course offers you all the required coaching and skills you wish you to acquire to create alluring and magnificent places.

The interior designing course offered by us is delivered online and contains 12 modules and 12 online interactive assignment sessions through which you will be able to actually grasp the concepts & clear your doubts in real-time.

It’s quite unlike the usual courses where you see recorded lectures & have little room for clearing doubts & asking questions.

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