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In this module you will learn about the building services which is again very important to make a design workable and habitable.

  • Lighting (natural/artificial/types, how to use)
  • Sanitary fixtures
  • Air conditioners (only types)
  • Concept of heating
  • Ventilation
  • Thermal Insulation

Learn about the different sources of light, natural and artificial. The ways to make maximum utilization of the natural light and to enhance the interiors by creating different lighting styles through artificial sources. We will also learn, how the direction of a house affects natural lighting.

Learn to know the effect of light on color selection for different surfaces, finishes and fabrics.

Discuss about the sanitary fixtures, their placement and relationship to each other.

Learn about HVAC, to maintain a good indoor air quality through ventilation and thus providing a thermal comfort.

Learn about the different types of air condioning systems and their relevance.


About the Interior Design Course

Our interior Designing course offers you all the required coaching and skills you wish you to acquire to create alluring and magnificent places.

The interior designing course offered by us is delivered online and contains 12 modules and 12 online interactive assignment sessions through which you will be able to actually grasp the concepts & clear your doubts in real-time.

It’s quite unlike the usual courses where you see recorded lectures & have little room for clearing doubts & asking questions.

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